Friday, May 4, 2012

Birthday Party Success

Seven boys swarmed off the school bus, running toward our house on Wednesday after school. They were ready for some birthday party fun! I can't imagine what the bus driver thought. She was either relieved, thought I was crazy or both.

A few stragglers came to join the fun within the next half hour to make a total of 13 boys when you count the nine guests, my three and the neighbor boy who helped a bit with the party. Whew! Thankfully, my husband took the day off work.

We made marshmallow shooters, thanks to Pinterest and Come Together Kids. They were easy to make, inexpensive, a hit with the boys and took up a good chunk of party time.
Marshmallow Shooter
My neighbor's 13-year-old son brought his gecko over for the party guests to see. They were pretty thrilled with it. Some were even brave enough to hold it.
There was a basketball game, tree climbing, newspaper sword fights, cake eating and present opening. And, they played a game of tag my son made up called "Iguana Tag". By the end of the two hours, the boys were shouting "Team Iguana" every few minutes. I'm not really sure what that meant, but they did it with lots of vigor!

Thanks to everyone who commented with ideas on my previous birthday party post. I almost did the splatter painting, but envisioned sending party guests home covered in paint. I loved the treasure hunt idea, too. If the kids seemed bored, I was going to put a quick one together.

All in all, it was a great party. It was stress free, somewhat loud, not too messy and nobody cried. I call that a success!

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