Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Internet Clutter: 10 Internet Pet Peeves

On the Internet, pet peeves are just tiny speed bumps along the information super highway. They're nothing like being stuck in a traffic jam in real life, which is a major pet peeve of most people. Still, they get under our skin and annoy us in a way that only things on the Internet can. 
Picture courtesy of Theloon at Morguefile.

Here are my top ten Internet pet peeves:

1. Googling something and finding a link that looks like it will have the information I need only to find out it's just another search site or so heavily covered in ads there's no real information there.

2. Pop-up ads that appear when I accidentally scroll over a small ad. If I knew I'd trigger the pop up, I wouldn't have scrolled that way.

3. Facebook status updates that say "At the ER with my kid..." with no extra information. Don't leave us hanging to find out what happened and whether or not it's serious!

4. Abbreviations that I can't easily figure out on message boards and Facebook status updates. It took me forever to learn what YMMV means. Worse are posts that are written mostly in abbreviations. EAK *$ for me ILICISCOMK ADIP. 

5. YouTube videos that crash my computer.

6. Speaking of YouTube videos, buffering drives me crazy.

7. Pop-up boxes that ask if I want the computer to remember my password. The answer is "no". If I let the computer remember my passwords, I'll never remember them. That's a problem when I clear cookies, which means the computer forgets all those passwords it so kindly remembered for me.

8. Twitter. 

9. Articles on news sites and blogs that are posted as slide shows, especially when the site reloads the whole page with each new slide. I don't have the patience for those and typically surf away after the first couple of slides.

10. Overuse of slang on blogs and Facebook. Or, when bloggers that don't typically use slang throw it in there like it's natural. It usually sounds forced and awkward. I've been seeing the word "y'all" lately from people I know are not southern. "I'm really hungry, y'all."

What are your Internet pet peeves?


  1. On a web site trying to ask Alex at United Airlines my questions went on and on. Here's a sample.

    "Alex: Hi, I'm Alex, your united.com guide. I've been designed to make your time on our website as fast and efficient as possible. Just type in a question, keyword or phrase below and I'll take you to the information you're looking for.
    You Asked: My husband has stage one Alzheimer
    Alex: I'm not sure I understand, please try rewording your question.
    You Asked: Can I walk my husband to the door of the plane because he has beginning dementia.
    Alex: I'm not sure I understand, please try rewording your question."

    This actually became funny and I brought it to my Alzheimer's Association support group and we had a good laugh. The Internet is more confusing than communicating with an Alzheimer's loved one!

  2. Frustrating! Live help features are seldom helpful. I had one on Kodak Gallery that was bad recently, though not nearly as bad as your experience. I ended up just e-mailing them and getting a response in a few days.

  3. Can't email them, or call. But will go to United at the airport before the day of the flight. Maybe a week before.

    How is your husband's uncle doing?


  4. Pop-ups and buffering makes me go bonkers (or a monkey on steroids). And I also hate it when people I don't know email me.