Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Surprise, You've Been Featured!

Late at night, one day last week, I wrote a post on BlogHer called Judgment: Maybe It's Not So Bad. It was kind of a venting post about some things I'd been reading on-line that week. I had been thinking about the topic a lot. I needed to write it to clear out the clutter that was swirling around in my noggin so I could get to sleep.

Once it was out there, I forgot about it and moved on.

Yesterday, I came home from running errands to find it had been featured at BlogHer. That's the kind of surprise I like!

Still, I was a bit nervous to have it noticed by the thoughtful, albeit judgmental, people of the on-line world. I didn't know how the topic would go over because, well, we all like to think we aren't judgmental. But, I think we are. The Internet wouldn't have been on fire with comments about a certain Time magazine cover last week if we weren't.

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, we still judge each other. Is it really such a bad thing?

Let me know what you think by commenting either here or there. I promise I won't judge.

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