Thursday, June 14, 2012

Construction Season

There's an old joke that says there are four seasons in Upstate NY: almost winter, winter, still winter and construction. Right now, Cleaning Up the Clutter is in the midst of construction season.

I've scrapped my old template entirely and have upgraded to one of Blogger's new, sleek templates. It's kind of plain, but I like the layout better. I like that the header extends over the entire blog. I like the social networking icons at the bottom of each post. I always wondered how other bloggers got those. Now, I know!

I still have sidebar work to do. I need to contact BlogHer for some help with their sidebar things. And, I want to rearrange a bit more. 

Thanks to Carol for the helpful tips!

I may still be on the lookout for a picture for the header, but until I get the sidebar cleaned up, it can stand as is.


  1. Looks uncluttered now!

    Thanks for letting me bug you about your old header and thanks for your help with Pinerest.


  2. Thanks Carol! It's coming together finally! And, you're welcome regarding Pinterest.