Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Here Comes Summer!

Have you cleaned your air conditioner filters yet? 

Local weathermen are reporting it will reach at least 94 degrees with high humidity today. The rumor mill is reporting 100. We'll see who ends up being right. But, really, once it hits 90, does it matter? It all sucks.

I hate the heat. The thought of sweating through another summer of miserable humidity and temperatures in the 90+ range isn't appealing.

We decided to stop at Walmart on the way home from Sunday night dinner to pick up another air conditioner. We've had just one for the past few years. Last summer, when the temperature hit a painful 104 degrees, we all crammed into our only cool bedroom. This year, we can split up into two rooms. This will be a good strategy if I've got cranky boys that need to be separated from each other.

Even though we're going to feel luxurious with two air conditioners, I'm still going to do my best to keep the rest of the house as cool as possible. This means the insulated curtains are closed, the front windows are shut and I won't be using the oven for the next several days. Here's a link to my post from last year with tips to keep the house cool in the summertime. It really helps to have a cool-house strategy.

Right now, it feels like the heat wave has arrived on schedule. Why are these things never delayed? 

What are you doing to stay cool this summer?


  1. We had our air conditioner go out and fortunately we were able to get someone out on a Sunday evening to fix it. It didn't turn out to be extra because we bought a warranty which is great.

  2. We cleaned the filter in our air conditioner as it was pretty dusty. And amazingly cleaning the filter affected the cooling performance of the AC. Just the right move before a long summer!

  3. Glad you got it fixed, Carol!

    Miss Messy - Clean filters do make a difference, for sure! Glad your AC is working great for you!