Friday, June 1, 2012


Photo courtesy of Earl53 at MorgueFile.

It wafts in through the open windows, that smell of fresh cut grass in the spring. You can't shake it. You don't want to shake it. It's calling you outside, making you ignore all there is to do inside on those hardwood floors that get so messy so fast. That stuff isn't going anywhere, though. And, that spring day, it is. If you don't act fast, it's gone.

There's a garden to be planted, grass to be mowed, flowers to be smelled. You stand back and admire it all. Watch the bees buzzing around the chives and hear the birds chirping to their babies in the nest. They're not there forever.

And, those damn dust bunnies. They are.


  1. Somehow the weeds and flower beds outside seem so important. I think the weeks might grow more than the dust bunnies inside and so yes the outside calls me.

    How is your husband's uncle now?

    Hugs and prayers,

  2. Those weeds do grow fast, but I've got a dog shedding like crazy inside who is adding a lot to the dust bunny problem!

    Greg's uncle is still in the hospital. He's doing better than he was and has overcome some pretty frightening things, but he's hanging in there. Please keep praying for him. Thank you, Carol!