Monday, July 9, 2012

Finished: Hand Made Shower Curtain & Window Curtains

I did it! I finally finished up the bathroom project I started in February 2011. After about a year of searching now and again for either a shower curtain or material to make said curtain, I had success at a warehouse fabric store near my home.

During the search I discovered lavender prints must not be in style right now. Lavender shower curtains were scarce at every single store. When I found something I liked, it was either too pricey or didn't have available matching window curtains, which is a must in my bathroom.

No problem, I said to myself. I can sew!

Well, affordable lavender prints were just as elusive at fabric stores. Maybe I was being too picky. But, I wanted something a bit modern and wasn't really interested in a floral print.

I finally found some polished cotton for $5.00 a yard in a print I can live with. 

Here's the before picture:

The old shower curtain is about ten years old. It's faded, a bit grungy and, frankly, I'm just so tired of looking at it. I took the window curtains down about a month ago to wash them and never got around to putting them back up.

I found shower curtain directions through Pinterest at the blog Make It and Love It. This blog is a real treasure for people who like to be crafty, but need concise, simple instructions.(I found several more things I want to make, including this cute, fabric storage box.)

I used the old curtain for a pattern so I didn't have to measure. Cutting brand new material for the first time is always a bit nerve wracking. There's no going back, so it better be right!
So thankful my mom taught me how to sew all those years ago.

The directions on the Make It and Love It blog were easy to follow. I whipped the shower curtain up in one afternoon and then did the window curtains the next day. I followed the same instructions, just modified the size.

The crafter on Make It and Love It has fabric flowers adorning her shower curtain. It looks adorable and I was in the process of making some, but stopped. I really like the clean, simple look of my curtain the way it is, so I decided not to go the extra mile. I'm all about simple!

Drum roll, please! Here's the finished product:

It's hard to get a good picture because we have such a small bathroom. This is from the doorway, so you can see both the shower curtain and the matching window curtains (sorry about the back lighting on those!).

The boys decided they can live with the color, though the curtains definitely bring out the purple in the walls. The whole thing looks so clean and fresh, they don't mind that it's a bit feminine. Though, I really think it's not all that feminine, but apparently, I have a different definition than they do!

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So happy to cross this off my to-do list!


  1. Good for you and I know if looks better than your pictures which always happens.

    "To Do" lists. I know you have them and maybe I should as well. I can tell you what I did so far today, but if I had that list I might feel more accomplished!

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