Thursday, July 26, 2012

Pinterest Find: Awesome Cleaning List

All my Internet surfing while in my summer funk wasn't for nothing. I did find this awesome cleaning list via a Pinterest link to a blog called The Fun, Cheap or Free Queen. I printed it out and have been following it for the last two days. So far, I like it.

I've even gotten my kids in on it.  Yesterday was "surfaces" day, so everyone's chores involved cleaning some type of surface. We dusted, cleaned windows and washed a few grubby looking walls. (Carol, you'll be happy to know that I took your advice and played games with the boys yesterday. After chores, we played Perfection and a Spiderman memory game.)

Today is "organize/clean something out day". I've got a kitchen drawer and cupboard that will both get cleaned later.

Of course, we still do all our regular daily chores: dishes, sweeping, laundry, etc. But, this seems like a good way to schedule the bigger jobs.

On a bright note, my fog seems to be lifting pretty easily this year. It helps that I'm working on writing 32 articles for Holidays Central this month. Having paying work to do makes me feel better about myself and about life in general. Here's a fun article I wrote that went live a day or two ago:

Fun with Chalkboard Paint

I know we all get in those little funks now and again. It's part of being human. What do you do to pull yourself out of them?


  1. Oh, I totally can relate to the funk!! I think it definitely has to do with not having the school routine. I find that when I don't have anything that I have to do at a certain time then I am unmotivated to do all the "as needed" stuff as well.

    Glad you found the list, structure keeps me sane and I will be trying it out with my kiddos too!!

    Shh don't tell anyone that I hae been dodging the dishes piling up in the sink, would be embarassing since I'm a maid for hire!

  2. Thank your for commenting, Dolly.

    So funny that you're a maid for hire with dirty dishes in the sink! Just after college, I took on an extra job cleaning a home for a family. The mom was always complementing my cleaning and said I was the best house cleaner she'd ever had. She said once, "Your apartment must be spotless." I thought, if she only knew it was trashed most of the time. She would have never hired me - lol.

  3. thanks for the pointer to the cleaning list. Perhaps it can help keep the clutter level down. perhaps (lol)...I have 8 children living at home ;-)

    I think a trip to Starbucks always lifts my spirits...that and a kind word that shows up unexpectedly.

    mama to 8
    one homemade and 7 adopted

  4. Trying to post again. I like that list also.

    Congratulations on your writing assignments.


  5. "Surfaces Day." Brilliant. I'm stealing that (fur purposes of putting my kids to work that is).

  6. Kimmie - There's so much clutter with 3 kids, I can imagine how much there is with 8! I agree, a kind word does wonders. :)

    Carol - Glad to see you finally got through!

    Marianne - It's great when the kids get to work, isn't it?

  7. Hi, Barb. Very informative post, considering I have a knack for clutter - creating it, that is!

  8. Sylverblaque - It's so easy to create clutter, isn't it?

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