Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Please Join Blogger Support Group

What are your blogging goals?

My short-term goals are to reach an average of 10,000 page views per month and to have a Google Page Rank of 4. I'm almost there on both accounts, but want to do something that will push it over the edge.

I'm starting an on-line support group for small blogs that are trying to meet goals and are still learning about blogging.

The group will consist of about 6 blogs.

The requirements will be:
  • to post at least twice per week, 
  • comment on all the member blogs once per week, 
  • follow each of the blogs in the group,
  • give a Facebook and Twitter (or some other social media) shout out about one other blog each week (choosing a different one each week), 
  • and write one blog post featuring one of the member blogs. 

I also hope to pair up bloggers, so that each would write a feature post about their buddy and comment more often on that blog throughout the six weeks.

I'll send out a weekly e-mail reminder to everyone in the group that will include tips on a different blogging topic each week. 

I'd love to get this group going in the next week. Already, I've got two bloggers on board and one that may participate. I've also got some unanswered e-mails to bloggers that probably thought I was spamming them!  lol

What can you hope to gain from belonging to the group?

I hope we'll all learn a bit more about blogging, boost our page views, increase our in-bound links (which will help with page views and Google page rank), find new blogs to follow and make some new blogging friends.

If you're interested, please e-mail me at

I want to keep the group small and manageable, so if you want in, please e-mail right away. 


  1. Count me. Thanks, Barb and I have e-mailed you.


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  3. Thanks for the post. Cleaning Up The Clutter - What a good blog title. I'm new to the blogging world and I'm trying to learn what I can, so thanks for this.