Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Crocheting and Traveling

 This is what I did when I wasn't driving on our long car ride to and from Florida.

I crocheted 3 scarves and a hat!

The green scarf was from a skein of yarn I've had forever. I didn't use a pattern and just single crocheted and double crocheted at random. It's mostly double crochet. I thought this project would last the whole trip, down and back, but I was done with it before we hit Georgia on the way down.

I bought two more skeins of yarn at Walmart while in Florida.

The dark red scarf is from a simple pattern I found on-line. I didn't have a printer, so needed something I could hand copy the directions to without too much effort. I choose this pattern. The yarn was kind of thick for it, but it worked up so quickly, I was done with it before we left Florida!

The hat pattern was the freebie on the inside of the sleeve of Red Heart yarn I bought. It fits my four-year-old perfectly. I used a combination of front-post double crochet and back-post double crochet to create a similar effect on the scarf. 

I can't read in the car without feeling sick, so I'm kind of surprised I could crochet with no problems. I'm thrilled, though! It certainly helped the time go by faster!

How do you pass the time while traveling?


  1. I brought yarn and needles and two audio books for the drive home Saturday!

  2. Enjoy! Distractions make the trip bearable.

  3. Wow, what a great idea. We play I Spy. My son likes to check out the atlas and help us navigate. I usually listen to books-on-tape from the library. It is something we can all do together. I've also been known to keep a 3 lb bag of apples and water bottles in the front seat. Healthy snacks are a must on the road.

  4. Definitely healthy snacks for us, too! Junk food gives everyone a tummy ache. That's the last thing we all need on the road.