Friday, August 31, 2012

Tip of the Week: Salting the Carpets

Last year, we battled fleas in the late summer and early fall.

This year, I'm determined we won't get them. They were a huge pain in the rear and expensive to get rid of. I'm doing a few preventative things to keep them from invading my home again.

In addition to keeping on top of our pets' flea treatments, today I decided to salt the carpets and furniture. As I posted last year in Fleas: Best Reader Tips, salt dehydrates and kills fleas.

Photo courtesy of mconnors at Morguefile.

I sprinkled it around the living room and let it sit for about an hour, then vacuumed it up thoroughly.

Salt is also supposed to be a good deodorizer, so it'll help with our stinky dog-infused carpet issues, as well.


  1. So I don't have carpet (or a vacuum cleaner - see the no carpet comment) but I am wondering if I can use the salt on our furniture to cut the fleas. Would it be safe to salt the pets? We have a 4lb full grown cat that is to small to use treatments on which also means we cannot treat the two larger because it exposes her. And they all have fleas. It keeps to a minimum because we use Nutritional Yeast in their diets, but they still have them.

  2. You can definitely use it on the furniture. I salted mine today when I did the rug. For best results, leave it on overnight before you vacuum.

    I'm not so sure about the tiny cat. I'd be nervous about putting salt on her. She's not much bigger than a flea! Maybe use a little bit and brush/comb her really well and frequently so she doesn't ingest it when she cleans herself.

  3. Wait - I just realized you said you don't have a vacuum. I would still do the furniture. Just brush/sweep it off then next day.

    Have you tried asking your vet what to do about the cat? They may be able to give her a flea dip in the office.

  4. Will salt furniture tonight, and beds in a.m. I may also try a bit of salt in some of the dog's hard to lick areas!

  5. Good luck with the dog! My dog would contort herself in 50 different ways to get to anything she could lick - lol.

  6. I always knew you were kind of salty. Great tip!!

  7. I used to sprinkle Borax on furniture and rugs when I lived in Miami and it did help. So far here in Florida we haven't had a problem and the flea medicine we put on our dog does seem to help.

  8. Salting is really a great trick to clean carpets. I think that professional help is going to be more beneficial if you want a really clean environment of your home. For complete healthy atmosphere pest control is better option.

  9. Aden - Thank you for commenting. I think whether or not you need professional help with pests largely depends on that extent of the problem and where you live. When we lived in the south, we learned it's a necessity to have a pro come and spray once a month or so to keep roaches and other bugs at bay. In the north where the insect problem isn't as bad, I think most homeowners can manage on their own, unless they don't stay on top of things and let fleas or other insects get out of control. There are lots of things homeowners can do to minimize bugs. Keeping the lawn and garden area that's in contact with the house clean and neat is a huge factor here.