Friday, August 17, 2012

Today's Status: Overwhelmed

Why is it when I have a million and one things to do, I shut down?

I've known all week that today was going to be a busy day. I could have done more to prepare. Maybe get a little of the work done ahead of time. But, did I? Not nearly enough.

I spent a large chunk of yesterday writing. The thing I devoted the most time to was pure fluff, spur of the moment scribbles in a tiny notebook that I typically use for grocery lists. It wasn't even a paying gig. When those writing moods strike, you have to go for them, you know? I don't feel too guilty about it. But, what I want to know is how come those moods are the strongest when I'm procrastinating about something else?

A similar thing happens now and again with crocheting. When I've got to clean the whole house, prepare food and get ready for guests, all of a sudden, I feel like crocheting. 

This photo from Fleasha87 at Morguefile captures yesterday's mood perfectly.
I justifying yesterday's sloth by saying that I did balance the checkbook, make a shopping list and go to Walmart. All of those things needed to be done and were a bit time consuming. Still, I probably shouldn't have taken a nap or spent an hour surfing the net.

Today's to-do list is long. I better get busy. 

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