Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning and decluttering is easy when you move every couple of years. I remember those days with fondness. It was exciting! We'd go in and scrub every surface before we moved our possessions. It felt clean and fresh. Ahh...

Then, about two or three years later, we'd do it all over again. That was our average length of stay at an apartment before we bought our house 11 years ago. 

Time has a way of slipping by. We all know that. It also has a way of settling a family deep into a house.

By now, we know all the nooks and crannies and all the quirks. We're well acquainted with the long to-do list that seems to grow instead of shrink, even as we complete tasks. We've learned how to snake drains, how to glaze windows and who to call when we have an electrical problem.

We belong to our house as much as it belongs to us. It's cabinets and doorways are covered with our dust. It's dark basement corners are filled with webs from spiders that have only known us. It's drains are filled with our hair. It's walls hold our secrets.

Dust and spiders seem to be a never-ending battle. They compete with the to-do list to see who can beat us down the furthest. Today, a swipe was taken at both.

Picture courtesy of Mconnors at Morguefile.

I've long had it near the top of my list to clean and dust the tops of the kitchen cabinets. It's probably been two years since I last did this job. It was overdue by about a year and a half.

The job is done. The tops of the cabinets and the kitchen windows are clean (on the inside). It's not quite a fresh, new apartment, but it feels pretty good just the same. 

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  1. The famed white glove test. I remember my mother coming to my dorm room in college and dusting!

    It must feel good to have those areas dusted. I am trying to get around to the ceiling fans which you can see. But I don't think even my late mother would use her white glove on the top of cabinets.