Thursday, September 6, 2012

Got a Thing for Thrillers? "Trust Your Eyes" is for You

My self-imposed thriller read-a-thon was kicked off with the BlogHer book club's selection of Trust Your Eyes by Linwood Barclay. I loved it so much, I grabbed one fast-paced book after another and spent my summer reading time on the edge of my seat with butterflies in my stomach. I haven't read too many suspense novels, but I think this is my favorite genre at the moment. 

I couldn't tear my eyes away from Trust Your Eyes. It's set in our modern high-tech world. A schizophrenic man is obsessed with maps and a Google Earth-type program called Whirl360. He sees a murder via his computer screen. Was it real? He implores his brother to find out. This sets off a remarkable story about brothers, technology, and political cover ups. 

The mystery of the on-screen murder wasn't the only trouble brewing. Readers are also left wondering what really happened to the Kilbride brothers' father. Was his death an accident? Or was there something more nefarious at play? Were all the small-town players the two adult brothers grew up with as innocent as they seem? Not likely, but the truth about who the good guys and bad guys were was a twist I didn't see coming.  

What I loved about the story is it could be possible. Those folks that work for the mapping services drive around and capture snapshots all over the world. Out of the millions, if not billions, of photos they take, it's definitely a possibility that they could witness a crime. 

I also give the story points because of the rural Upstate NY setting just a straight shot up the Northway from NYC and the mention of our local train station. Though the town itself was fictional, the events were unfolding in my neck of the woods.

Trust Your Eyes is a thrilling, quick read I'd recommend to anyone that likes that particular genre. Right now, I'm looking for my library card so I can check out more books by Barclay.  

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  1. Thanks for the review - I was looking for something new to read!