Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hidden Dust

I had the sudden urge to dust under my jewelry box this morning. I've dusted around it recently, but I've been too lazy to move it and do a proper job.

As you can tell, it was time. Where the heck does all this stuff come from?

I wish I was more tenacious about deep cleaning on a regular basis. My dust rag seems to be hitting the highly visible areas, but the hidden dust gets overlooked until it looks like something from a haunted house.

Perhaps I should let it go for another month so I can put a sign out front and charge admission on Halloween.  


  1. We had someone come to show a vacuum cleaner to us. We didn't buy it, but they put an air freshner thingy in the bedroom and got rid of some of the molecules that were causing my nose to drip at night.

    On another topic, it really bugs me that stains have come up from our rug. That vacuum cleaner salesman said it was from professionals who cleaned the rug a year ago and the mud under the rug came up. Back to cleaning our own carpets and may try to get our $400 back from those professional cleaners.

    I pnned this post because it has a picture.

  2. Thanks, Carol. Did you notice the moderation is gone?

    When we had our carpet professionally cleaned last year, the guys told me right up front that some of the stains might come back. We were lucky, because they didn't, but I kept expecting them too. They treated each stain individually. I don't know if that made the difference or if the stains just weren't set.

  3. Great! No moderation and you still can take out someone's comments. Might save you time not having to moderate also.

  4. You have to be very careful about the dust, acummulated all around your home. There is all kinds of nasty stuff, so you better do something quick about it!