Wednesday, September 19, 2012

If You Ask Mom to Help Find Something...

...the next thing you know, she's cleaning the van.

A quick, "Hey, mom, can you help me find my Harry Potter wand?" from my middle son turned into an hour plus long van-cleaning season for me.

It had to be done, but it made me realize I could have spent three times that and still not finished the job properly. Sure, all the toys and garbage are picked up and the vacuum was busy for about forty-five minutes, but it needs more. A family of five can wreak havoc on the inside of a vehicle.

My van is not this clean. Photo courtesy of matthew_hull at Morguefile.
The up side is the van IS definitely in better shape than it was. Oh... and we found the Harry Potter wand. The muggles are safe for another day.


  1. Did the guys help with this? Also, love the simple lego tip which I pinned.


  2. Yes, they helped. For some reason, they like that chore. Maybe because it's like a treasure hunt - lol!

  3. Ug. My minivan needs to do some hand-to-hand combat with an entire cleaning crew. Glad things worked out!

  4. Hand-to-hand combat is a good way to describe it. That's pretty much what it felt like!