Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Oatmeal Cookie Bake Off

In a push to get my whole family to eat healthier after a summer vacation of indulgences, I'm pulling out any trick I can think of to get the kids on board.

Today, it's an after-school oatmeal cookie bake off.

My son and I each made one version of a healthier oatmeal cookie recipe. Our first batches are ready for testing! 

The plan is for all available kids to try one of each and give their verdict. We've got a motley crew here today that consists of two of my kids, two kids I babysit and two neighbor kids hanging around.

My eight-year-old son's bowl of cookie dough is on the left. He used this recipe for Healthy Oatmeal Cookies from the Whole Grain Gourmet. His dough is quite moist and held together really well on the cookie sheet. His recipe called for some type of vegetable oil, but we substituted with melted butter.

My dough is kind of crumbly. My recipe comes from the Gimme Gluten Free blog. It uses coconut flour instead of wheat flour. I altered the recipe a bit by melting the butter, which could be my problem. It wasn't soft enough to mix, so I took a short cut that I've used before with other recipes. It's not ideal, but the cookies seem to be holding together once cooked. 

The boys agreed to test the cookies and give their unbiased opinions. The verdict is in:

  • Two boys called it a tie.
  • Two boys, including my little baker, declared my cookies the clear winner because neither one liked the honey flavor of the other batch.
  • One boy had no opinion.
  • One boy LOVED his big brother's homemade cookies best.  

Do you have a tried and true favorite healthy version of oatmeal cookies? 


  1. Great exercise. And they are learning to cook and evaluate. Who cleaned up after cooking!

    Dips contest another day served with veggies?


  2. It was fun. I did all the clean up. I know, I need to work on that, but I'm happy that he's baking!

    A dip contest sounds fun. I was thinking smoothies, too.

  3. Would be great to have you publish your winning recipes from the guys. I have a new organizing book to read, APPLY, and blog about.