Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Time to Buy a New Fridge

We're facing facts around here and all sums point to us needing a new fridge. We've had a towel on the floor in front of ours for a couple of months because it consistently leaks. The seal is broken and has been duct taped several times. The bottom panel is missing. A couple of freezer shelves are broken so that our ice cream falls on the floor every time we open the door. We're ready to say good-bye.

This is the same fridge that has been in our house since we moved in, over ten years ago. It was already a dinosaur then. It's been a good one, though I don't think it's ever had a working interior light since we've owned it.
Old school fridge. Wish they still sold these! Photo courtesy of ilse at Morguefile

We're ready for something less dilapidated.

What are you're recommendations? 

We're limited by size since our kitchen cupboards have a built-in place for the fridge. Modern appliances seem to have been built for the Jolly Green Giant. There are only a few models that I found via Google that will fit in our Lilliputian kitchen. Still, we've got options.

Should we go with a water and ice hook-up? Are they worth it? Or is it something else that will likely break in the next 5 years? Is a side by side the way to go? Or should we stick with the classic freezer on top model? 

What do you all have for refrigerators? What do you love or hate about it?


  1. An ice maker and water dispenser is a must in our home. However, go with the most basic refrigerator you can find. You'll pay dearly for fancy ice makers and digital displays. High tech items require high price repairs.

  2. We have a side by side and the ice maker doesn't work now and we are not fixing it. You pay extra for them and then some break. Like Home Depot for appliances now and we got a GE there.

    Love having another freezer so we don't have to go to town as much. It is a vertical door Maytag and it is great also.


  3. I like things simple. Whenever we get an item with all the bells & whistles, guess what breaks within the first year? Darn bells and whistles.

  4. Good advice all! I'm leaning towards no ice/water. I'm outnumbered so far, as all the boys are begging for it. But, I know how hard we are on our stuff. I see it being broken within a year.

  5. We got a new fridge just over a year ago. Went with freezer on the bottom/double doors on top. NO through the door ice and water. It has an ice maker in the freezer situated so it does not take up any precious freezer space. And no, we've never hooked it up. BTW... It's a Samsung and I LOVE it!
    Good luck with your search. New appliances are always fun!

  6. Did you end up buying a new refrigerator yet? We are an appliance repair company and the advice I always give our customers, that often gets overlooked... check to see who your local authorized service centers are for the brand you choose. Then check the BBB. KitchenAid is owned by Whirlpool and you'll never have problems finding a reputable service company. General Electric/Monogram, depending on the area you live in, you may be stuck with their own Factory service - which could take weeks to get a repair made, should you need one. LG Electronics is great, but there are sometimes fewer servicers, again depending on your area. Consider buying a home warranty or an extended warranty on the refrigerator. One repair may just cost you what the warranty costs. To be honest, appliances aren't made to last, like they used to. They are now built for a particular price point. If you have any questions, feel free to call our business for some honest advice. My name is Krystle.