Monday, September 10, 2012

Who Set My Clock to Fast Forward?

No more lazy days at home with a toddler for me. My youngest started preschool this year. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, he's enjoying the company of other children and maybe learning a little something, too. He seems happy and I'm thrilled.

Photo courtesy of Ladyheart at Morguefile.

Thoughts of a HIGHLY PRODUCTIVE block of time three mornings a week have been tumbling around all summer.

What will I get done? The possibilities seemed endless.
  • I'll join a gym! 
  • I'll write! 
  • I'll have a perfectly clean house and dinner in the crockpot! 
  • I'll run all of our family errands!

He's had two, full preschool sessions so far. What have I actually done?
  • I unwound with a two-hour Old Crow Medicine Show spree on Youtube. Yikes. It feels like a waste of time, but I'm kind of digging this band right now. (Shh...don't tell my sister I'm listening to something pretty close to country music.) Apparently, they've been around for a decade or so, though I just stumbled across them a month ago. I'm so far out of the loop when it comes to music, I may as well be hanging out on the red mountains of Mars. To ease the guilt, I'll consider it cultural education and um... research for something I'm writing. 
  • I met my friend Micky from Outside the Box at a coffee shop for some chit chat. We talked blogging and lots of other things.We're going to make it a regular thing now that we've both got some free time during the week.

Let me say that, two and half hours goes by incredibly fast! I swear I intended to get other things done. But, the time got away from me. Twice.

Wednesday, I'll try harder. Really.

In the meantime, check out Micky's blog and these other blogs from our on-line blogging support group: Penniless Parenting and Plant City Lady and Friends.


  1. I agree. Time does go by fast when you are having fun. Love being in your blogging group with you young ones.

  2. Right there with you. Before the strike, I'd set my alarm clock and take a nap while Joey was at preschool (mum's the word to my husband). I've taken to citing "errands" as the reason I miss his calls.


  3. I can relate to the "I'm going to get everything done" list. Of course Blogging with Barb sessions count as getting something done since we are discussing writing!

  4. When you make your list prioritize. If you can only get one thing done on your list then what would it be? Now remove everything else from your list and that is what you will do today. You have 3 days a week with a 2 hour window. That does not mean you can't use that time for catching up with friends, or refueling your soul. You are an important part of your list. Take time for you and the rest will get done. :)

  5. Carol - So glad you're in our group!

    Marianne - Perhaps that will be my new preschool strategy! I like it!

    Micky - No regrets about yesterday! It was productive and fun!

  6. Tree - It seems self indulgent, but I know you're right.