Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Petey Cat is a Hot Mess

And, he's desperately trying to get outside this morning, but we won't let him. Little does he know, he's going to the vet in about a half hour. Or, maybe he does know.

Did someone say "vet"?

I made an appointment for him last week because he's overdue on his shots. I'm most concerned about keeping his rabies shot up to date because he spends a lot of time outdoors. But, you know, they have to give all the other ones, too. I'm okay with that, though I do think our pets are over vaccinated. He's had the whole round of cat shots within the last two years, so I'm not too worried about him getting distemper or feline leukemia.

I've heard remarkable stories about cats who've had the shots once in their life, then been protected years later from epidemics that strike the barn cat scene. Or, maybe the stories aren't that remarkable. Maybe that's just the nature of those vaccines.

So, with vet appointment already scheduled, Petey developed some kind of wound on his face this weekend. I woke up Sunday morning to discover the area above his left eye bleeding and oozing pus. We think he was in a cat fight last week. He didn't seem to have any ill effects save for a small scratch on his forehead. Now, we think he got a puncture wound above his eye that got infected and burst. It actually looks pretty good today, like it's healing nicely, so I'm not worried. I probably wouldn't take him in for this alone, but since we're already going, I'll have the vet look at it.

As if that wasn't enough, yesterday, when I was babying him because of his injury, I discovered he also has WORMS! Yuck! This has grossed out everyone in the family to the point that the kids shut their bedroom doors and forbid Petey from entering.

Then, we found a tick on him last night. It was easily removed. He's had many in his short life and they aren't a big deal for us anymore. That is, they're not as long as they stay on the pets and not us. It's just another inconvenience our poor Petey has to deal with.

Petey's only two. We haven't been neglecting his care. He's neutered, has had a full round of shots and is up to date with his flea preventative. He's just had a little run of bad luck.

Today's trip to the vet ought to take care of it all. It'll also take care of my checkbook, but, you know, he's our Petey Cat, so we'll do what we need to.


  1. Oh my gosh. Petey's a lot of work. You are a good pet-owner. Petey would be lamenting his very existence if I was his owner. Hope he does well!

    1. Petey wasn't feeling any love from us last night. We wouldn't let him out, yet we were all shunning him like he had cooties. We're back from the vet and he's fine. A de-worming pill and an antibiotic for his wound and all is well.

    2. Glad he can get some love from you all again!