Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sandy's on Her Way

Since when did NY State become a hurricane magnet? This makes two years in a row that we're faced with the sea's fury. Last year, it was Irene, who left us a soggy mess in the upstate regions. This year, it's Sandy. She's being described as a "frankenstorm" that's even bigger and more temperamental than Irene was. One local weatherman said they haven't seen anything like her in the records since 1880.

Suddenly, I'm feeling like I better find the flashlights. 

Photo courtesy of wax115 at Morguefile.
Governor Cuomo has already declared a state of emergency in NY. This is just a way to make sure emergency personal will be ready to spring into action when the time comes. Today, he said that mass transit in NYC will likely be closed tomorrow, bridges and tunnels will be closed on a case by case basis and parts of NYC may be evacuated.

We're about 2.5 hours north of NYC and our rainfall isn't predicted to be as bad as it was with Irene. However, we're expected to get near-hurricane strength winds starting sometime tomorrow and worsening in the overnight hours. They're telling us to expect power outages.

No matter what happens, it sounds like it's going to be a bumpy ride. I better get my act together and do a little storm preparation. We need flashlights, water, gas in the vehicles, food and maybe some higher ground to move to. See you after the storm!


  1. Move things inside, including pets. Cover your windows with plywood. Have water and food.

    I went through hurricanes in Florida.

    Hugs and prayers for your safety,

    1. I've been trying to keep the cats in, but one just bolted out the door. I figure he'll come back when things start to get hairy out there.

  2. I hope everything goes okay for you guys! Don't forget the Nutella!

    1. Darn! I knew I forgot something! I'll have to wait until the storm ends to get my Nutella. Sigh.

  3. Lets gonna be a good and be obedient ninjas at this time. We must follow rules for our safety and must prepare 1st aid kit. and the most powerful thing that we can do for this time is to pray.

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  4. I will be an obedient ninja, Samantha! LOL