Friday, October 26, 2012

Too Much Testosterone

Sometimes, there's too much testosterone around these parts.

If you follow my blog, you'll know I have three boys. If you read my blog with a fine-toothed comb, you'll know I also babysit three boys. If you live on my street, you'll know there are ten boys that live in this little corner of our development, not counting the boys that are here in the after school hours. That's a lot of testosterone in one small geographic location.

Yesterday, one of my boys and one of the boys I babysit got in a fist fight. Really it was more of a pushing, hair pulling and biting fight. It seems they're not quite old enough to know the rules of fair fighting.

The children have taken to splitting into two groups, which is never a good sign, though there are so many boys around in the after school hours, it's probably natural. Things quickly became us vs. them, with one group spying on the other. If you've ever been around kids in the 4-11 age range, you know spying is a hot button issue. You thought the political climate was tough? You should see the kids navigate the spying issue. Yikes. I'd vote for Romney just to make it end.

I swear some of these kids are destined to be in the CIA when they grow up. Teach them a foreign language and get them some gadgets because they've got crazy espionage skills.

In the meantime, they're no longer allowed to practice said skills in my yard. If anyone is caught spying, it's now a capital offense resulting in a time out for any boy under my care and a one way ticket home for the day for any boy not under my care.

I guess with all that testosterone in the neighborhood, it's bound to boil over once in a while. But, I think I might need a shot of whiskey the next time it does.


  1. I have two younger brothers. One would always get in fights in the neighborhood and at school. One day the teacher had to physically drag him to the principal. The younger brother of the two was always intimidated and I recall my mother being very upset because she saw most of the fighting while my father was at work.

    Both brothers turned out quite well. This too shall pass.

  2. That's very reassuring. Thank you. I know it'll pass and it's all normal stuff. Still stressful, though. Things were much better today.

  3. So there are six boys hanging out at your house on a regular basis?? I do believe that qualifies you for some kind of medal. I'm googling it now...