Monday, December 17, 2012

Don't Forget the Batteries

What one item doesn't typically make it onto Christmas lists but is sorely missed on Christmas morning if it's forgotten?

If you guessed batteries, you're right.

How often have you had a disappointed child who can't play with a new toy because there are no working batteries in the house? First-time parents usually make that mistake once. Then, every year thereafter, batteries end up on the top of the holiday shopping list - underlined, highlighted and circled.

Luckily, P&G's new e-store sells value packs of batteries that will help meet your battery needs.

They have the Duracell AA value pack, which contains 28 batteries - more than enough to keep your children's toys going until the lights, beeping and other obnoxious noises wear on your nerves in 50 different ways. (Between you and me, having strong, long-lived batteries in your kids toys can be a mixed blessing. My husband and I have been known to tell the kids a certain toy is "broken" as soon as the batteries wear out. Unfortunately, this can take a long time with some batteries!)

It makes sense to have a hefty supply of AA batteries in the house, but don't forget the Duracell AAA value pack, which also contains 28 batteries. At some point, your child will end up with an odd toy that calls for a smaller battery. As any parent knows, it's best to have both types of batteries on hand. Nobody wants a Christmas morning meltdown.

In a perfect world, every gift would come with the required batteries. But, in our world, we have to do the prep work, 'cause we know Grandma or Aunt Margaret is going to show up with an awesome toy that needs a few AAs to make it work. It pays to have the most common battery sizes on hand. No one wants to run to the local convenience store and pay a king's ransom for a small pack of old batteries. 

P&G's e-store is a great way to stock up. Not only do you get a deal, but you get the following perks:
  • 15% off on a first-time order from a new customer, using promo code: A9Z-MN5-KY3-ISA
  • Free Shipping on orders over $25
  • Free Samples with every order.
While you're on the P&G site, don't forget to check out their other, exciting offers from a variety of your favorite P&G brands like Braun, Downy, Pampers and Gillete. 


  1. Batteries are great stocking stuffers. Merry Christmas to you and yours, Barb.

  2. I am staying this week in "The House That Cleans Itself"--my husband's son's home. Two teens and an eleven year old just pop up to do their jobs. The thoughtful daughter leaves a note for her mom who went to work this morning. The note says she will go shopping for her while the mom is at work today if the road is good.

    The electricity was out for a good bit of yesterday and the sons went out to bring the fire wood in and ice was melted on that wood stove that heated the central living area. No big deal. Then that melted ice was used to bucket flush the toilets.

    I am looking forward to your posting more content here. When I get home Saturday I have to go back to work on our home.


  3. Thanks, Carol. Glad you're having a nice holiday! I plan on writing more. I've been thinking lots of deep thoughts and not writing so much lately. :)

  4. Jealous. I read the directions that said to include 8 links. Total overkill. Like who needs that many batteries??

    Let's not answer that.

    1. Nuts! I messed it up, then! Oh well! Hopefully they'll overlook that - lol.

      As far as who needs that many batteries comment.