Thursday, February 7, 2013

How Do You Celebrate Valentine's Day?

Is Valentine's Day a big holiday in your house?

It's not too much, here. I love the kids' school celebrations. My 5-year-old (that's right, FIVE), is excited for his first-ever V-day celebration at preschool. He can't wait to exchange corny cards and partake of the Valentine's Day candy haul that seems to be the norm these days. He's been waiting all his life for this.

Otherwise, Valentine's Day is pretty low key at our house, which seems funny since I spent the last several days of January feverishly writing Valentine's Day articles for Holidays Central.

Photo from Habitation of Justice. (Check out their other anti-Valentine's Day photos - so funny!)

Here's my favorite:

The Anti-Valentine's Day Party

I'm not down on Valentine's Day, but I had a lot of fun writing this article. Truthfully, I'm kind of a fan of Cupid these days, so I hope he doesn't take offense. It was all in good fun. 


  1. Loved the article. When I was a widow I had single women teachers over to the house and it was so much fun. We could have used your ideas in that article.


    1. Carol - that sounds like a nice party!

  2. Oh crud! Is it almost Valentine's Day? Thank you for the reminder. I was thinking the next holiday was Easter. Or maybe Thanksgiving.

    I need a calendar.

  3. Yes, the Valentine's Day is's a great opportunity to impress your loved ones. I'm going to decorate my house with lots of small heart, flowers and candles. And, of course, I'm going to clean my house to the highest possible standards ;) Have a great time on this day!