Sunday, June 30, 2013

Climbing a Steep Learning Curve

The transition to a full-time working-out-of-the-house mom isn't smooth. But, I LOVE it. I'm glad to shake the mommy-brain cobwebs out. I was more than ready for this.

My job isn't glamorous, strenuous, or difficult, but there's something about it I love. Maybe it's the chance to meet new people and learn new things. Or maybe it's the mental break I get while driving to and from work 5 days a week. Or maybe it's the pay check. Truly, I think it's all of the above.

What I'm doing at my new job is answering phones, scheduling sales appointments and service calls, paperwork, filing, and figuring out the somewhat antiquated and always quirky computer system at a window company. That's right - the company I work for sells and installs windows. I told you it wasn't glamorous. Still, I've learned more about windows in the last few months than I've ever known in my life. And, there's lots more to learn.

The awesome thing is I work with a great bunch of people. They're down to earth and friendly. I've never worked anywhere quite like this, actually.  If I put a swear jar on my desk (and if they used it - lol), we'd make some lucky charity very happy around Christmastime. Yet, I've seen these young twenty or thirty-something guys on the crew drop everything to drive to an elderly customers home to help them with their windows.

Transitioning to not being at home to take care of everything has been the most difficult part of going back to work. The first few weeks, I was exhausted and stressed. It didn't help that the first two babysitters I hired quit. I'm fortunate to have a couple of very good friends and neighbors who filled in while I found someone else. (Thanks Tracy and Kristin!). The new babysitter is working out wonderfully. She'll be with us through the summer months until the boys are all back in school full time.

My family's diet has taken a major blow in the last few months, too. I've been going for convenience way more than I ever have in my life as a parent. We've been eating boxed mac & cheese, PB&J, hamburgers, hotdogs, and pizza a lot. It's about survival, you know? I just needed to get through each day with everyone fed and in bed by the time the sun went down. The tide is turning, though. I've got big plans for my crock pot this week.   

One thing I've managed to keep up is running. In fact, I'm putting some serious miles on my sneakers (eight miles today!). I'm hitting the pavement at about 5:30 in the morning. I've learned to mostly love the early hour, though I'm not sure that will still be true in January. For now, I'm out and back before the kids' eyelids start to flutter open.  

I've missed writing so much! I tried to keep up with my writing duties at Holidays Central and MomRecipes, but I had to resign. It was just too much. It became a source of stress and dread, which is not what I ever want to feel about writing. I want to explore other writing outlets eventually, but for now, I'm going to stick with my personal journal and occasional updates here. I've kept up my journal, which, if you're a writer, you'll understand. It's a must to type and get the thoughts out. 

I'm sure my readership here has dropped significantly since I last updated. That's okay! I hope some of my old readers will drop by to say hi, though! Let me know what's going on in your life!


  1. Wonderful to get this update. How are the boys doing with your working? Can they pick up some of the slack? Your jogging and journaling are wonderful disciplines to put into your day.

    Hugs and prayers,

    1. Time for another update, my friend.

      Aunt Carol

  2. My wife just recently made the jump from full time at-home mom to part time work force and she also had the same feelings of getting back into the work force and getting a break from the house and the kids. I think it is a great change for her and the kids and I do help pick up the slack around the house.