Sunday, February 26, 2017

Riding the Wave: Random thoughts While in a Cleaing Mood

Every now and again, an honest to goodness cleaning mood strikes. Does that ever happen to you? It hits me now and again, though it took a long sabbatical for the past several years. Alas, the past is the past and water under the bridge or more like, dust bunnies under the couch. It's 2017 and my cleaning mood has come on with a vengeance. I'm not sure why. But, some things you don't question, you know?

The past several weekends, I've tackled large cleaning projects that have been neglected for years. Mind you, I've lived in this house for about 15 years. That's plenty of time for dirt and grime to accumulate in all kinds of places. Back when I started this blog, I really did do a top to bottom house cleaning. Everything got touched, cleaned, scrubbed, and shined. But, a lot of life has happened since then. Oh, and I live with 3 kids, one boyfriend, one dog, two cats, and a fish. For the record, the fish isn't that messy, but everyone else is, me included.

Since this mood struck, I've been in a whirlwind of activity. Oddly, I'm even going to go so far as to say I've enjoyed it. Weird, I know.

I've cleaned two of my kitchen windows thoroughly. Hidden between the storm windows and the double hungs, I found cobwebs, spider egg sacks, a dried up (thankfully small) hornet's nest, dried leaves, and lots and lots of grime. We had blissfully warm weather last weekend, so I spent a breezy afternoon raising and lowering sashes as I moved in and out of the house to clean, vacuum, scrub, and Windex everything thing, inside and out. I even washed the curtains.

This weekend, I tackled the bathroom window. It was much colder and I was feeling a bit lazier, so I did all my work from the inside. It did, however, involve use of a razor blade to scrap a bit of mold and old glazing compound off the panes of glass. A previous owner really could have benefitted from watching a YouTube video on glazing windows before he or she slapped the putty on there. It was a mess. One I ignored for the last 15 years.

I've also taken to setting my timer for 15 or 20 minutes to go through the house decluttering. It makes a huge difference in tidiness! It's hardly any work at all.

After the timer dings, I re-set it for 10 minutes and arm myself with a bottle of Windex and a clean rag. Windex has become my friend. I've long used vinegar as my all-purpose cleaner for surfaces, but lately, I've defected to Windex. I'm not throwing in my crunchy and frugal card just yet, but I'm thinking these days that Windex gives things a shine that homemade cleaners don't. I hate the smell, though. Store-brand Windex (probably not really Windex, which, I'm sure is a trademarked name), is pretty cheap, for the record.

I've got big plans for the next several weekends. I'm hoping the cleaning mood lasts. I need to clean the tops of my kitchen cabinets, clean out my basement utility room, steam clean my rugs, and a million other things. It never ends, but there's something so satisfying about how the house feels after a bit of deep cleaning. What are you cleaning this week?

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