Saturday, March 4, 2017

Silver Linings

Yesterday was as ordinary as an early March day can get. After unseasonably warm February temps, we were back into the teens with a piercing wind chill. A quick snow flurry fell in the late afternoon, causing more than one person in the office to swear upon looking out the window. Wasn't it spring last week?

I wasn't happy about having to scrape the ice and snow off my car. Who would be?  It didn't help that I'd left my gloves at home that morning. My hands were frozen. The drive was mundane. The radio seemed to only be playing commercials. I just wanted to go home, where the couch is soft and the blankets are warm. The car never gets warm fast enough on days like that, you know?

I texted my ex earlier in the day asking him to confirm he'd be doing pick up from the after-school program. He never responded. I have a fear we're going to miscommunicate and leave the little guy stranded, so unless I get a confirmation, I assume I'm doing pick up. I pressed pause on my dreams of the couch, a glass of wine, and the TV remote, as I drove toward the school, futilely searching for some good music on the radio dial.

There are never any close parking spaces when the wind chill factor is in single digits. Still, I made it in the building without suffering any major frost bite.

"Put your jacket on. It's very cold out," I told my son as he gathered his things to leave. We were headed out of the building when his dad walked in. "Sorry," he said, then made some excuse about not seeing my text because he was standing in line at Fed-Ex. I wanted to argue and point out that I had actually sent three texts at different times throughout the afternoon. The first two were a couple of hours apart. The last one was a curt "I'm leaving work now. Who's picking him up?"

All it takes is a couple seconds to respond. "Me," he could have texted. Two letters. Two seconds to save me a longer drive home.

I left my son with his dad and continued home. People are who they are and I'd long since given up on getting respect or even consideration from this person. I turned the radio up (music, finally!) and shook off my annoyance. The bright side is I got to see my son for a couple of minutes. He and his brothers were going to be at their dad's house that night, so stealing a minute or two with him was the silver lining.

As I turned a corner, I realized the snow from earlier in the day was covering the ground in a silvery haze.  It clung to every tree in a way that made them look like they had all been dipped in liquid platinum. I've never seen anything like it. The near-dusk sky showcased a faint pink hue that seemed to be clinging to the last of the snow clouds purposefully, as if the sky knew the effect would be ruined once it let those clouds track east. It looked like a silvery-pink fairy world. It took my breath away. I never knew early March could be so beautiful. Silver linings, indeed.

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