I started this blog over two years ago as a way to work at getting my house cleaned out and a way to discipline myself to write on a more consistent basis. I am a writer at heart. My dream is to have a full-time freelance writing career.
As I work toward that, I'm also raising three boys with my husband and taking care of our family's home as a stay-at-home mom. Because our lives are busy and the five of us tend to have strong pack rat tendencies, I figured I wouldn't get tired of writing about cleaning and decluttering. That has proved to be true! I still have lots of ideas for blog articles and continue to be energized by my writing here. I love the feedback I get and like the small community that has grown around this blog!

I plan to continue to write articles and create cleaning to-do lists for you that are available for free. That is my gift to my readers.

However, up until now, I've really been kind of clueless about how people make money at blogging. Sure, I've been running ads in the sidebars for awhile, but in all honesty, they are not that lucrative. I'm currently looking for other sources of blog revenue. That said, I'll be writing paid reviews and sponsoring affiliate links from here on into the future. I've read that I need to have both a privacy statement and a disclosure statement on my blog so readers know I am not doing anything nefarious here. To that end, here they are:

Privacy Statement: The only personal information I collect is your e-mail address if you choose to receive Cleaning up the Clutter updates directly in your e-mail box. The e-mail addresses are collected through Google Feedburner and are not used for any other purposes. I will never sell my e-mail address list or use it for any purpose other than sending out my blog updates. If you decide to stop receiving Cleaning up the Clutter e-mail updates, simply click on the "unsubscribe now" link at the end of one of the e-mails.

Disclosure Note: I am an affiliate of some of the products on this website and will earn a commission if you proceed to purchase via links on this website. My product and service reviews are my opinion only and do not reflect how you will like or not like the product or service. I cannot control how you use the information I provide on Cleaning up the Clutter. All opinions on this website are my own and are not influenced by anyone else. Most, though not all, the products reviewed are complimentary from the merchants. And, finally, the free cleaning lists and any cleaning advice I give are not guaranteed to give you a clean house.

Thank you so much for visiting Cleaning up the Clutter! I hope you enjoy this blog.

To contact me, please e-mail cleaningupclutter AT gmail DOT com.